Thursday, September 27, 2012

Beautiful Day....

Nothing like spending a Fall day driving around Iowa and enjoying the beautiful colors.  Today's travels took me to Charles City, Iowa. The local guild just happened to have some quilts on display at the Art's Center.
This was part of the gate that is on one end of the city park.

Groovy statues outside of the Art's Center

Polka Dot Rock...should be the name of a song.

Really cool building from 1904. 

Pretty quilts...pretty stained glass windows.

How cool is this stained glass window?

This quilt was created to display a collection of drink coasters from a gal's trip to England.

Closer view...pretty cool.

Charles City was devastated by a tornado in the late 1960's  and lost several churches.  This quilt shows the current church steeples...and the embroidered outlines of the steeples that were lost. 

Closer view...note the outlines of the steeples.

Mexian Stars...on my list "I want to do"'s a long list.

All about Iowa....

Love the colors and the movement in this quilt.

Dear Jane....wasn't quilted yet but stunning nonetheless.

Another shot of the gate at the entrance of the city park

loved this big statue...there was room for me to sit on that book...well...except that she wouldn't have been able to see the words to read...

Red Hot Chili Pepper.....on the sidewalk?

beautiful view of the river that runs through Charles City...loved the reflection of the fall colors.