Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Woolies Flannel!

Have you made anything yet using Woolies Flannel by Maywood Studios? I am absolutely in LOVE.    I have just finished my fourth quilt made with these luscious fabrics. They come in a wonderful assortment of colors and designs that resemble that old wool coat in your closet.  I've never been the best at doing scrappy quilts, but have had great success at being "scrappier" using these flannels.
pattern called Gingersnaps

Crazy Old Quilt Ladies pattern
this quilt went to a deployed soldier

Terry Atkinson "Snapshot" pattern in the Happy Hour book

my second Gingersnaps quilt using Woolie Flannels
(third time making the Gingersnap of my faves for a scrappy look)

trying to give you and upclose view of the fabrics

Are you noticing a pattern here....I love to add borders with interest to my quilts.  A piano key border can be a great accent on any scrappy quilt. I like to use a narrow border to separate it from the rest of the quilt. The quilt photo in the middle has borders made using the 2" Grid Stabilizer.  I lost count at how many 2" squares are in that queen size quilt...but take my word for it...there are alot! 

Monday, November 28, 2011

Irons in the fire....

I love to iron.  Weird, you say?  I know...but I love it.  I remember as  little girl begging my Mom to let me iron.  So she started me out on my Dad's hankies.  Not to exciting to some, but I was thrilled. 

As much as I love choosing fabrics for quilts...and piecing them together....I really love ironing my work as I go.  And, I really love steam.  A neatly pressed block is quite a piece of beauty.  Adding a spritz or two of Best Press makes it even better!  (Linen Fresh is my current favorite scent) I took the plunge a year ago and purchased a Rowenta Pressure and Steam Iron to use here at home.  A bit of a pricey investment...but I am loving it. 

This is my third Rowenta purchase....the first two have really kind of been duds.  I thought when you paid more money for a product that it would be better quality and would have a longer life expectancy.  Not so.  The full size Rowenta iron I purchased leaks when I try to use it, very frustrating.  I also purchased the smaller Rowenta travel size iron to take along to quilt retreats, etc....and that one just stopped working. Plug it in and nothing happens. Neither of those irons could claim overuse syndrome.  I did contact Rowenta and was told that since the warrantys are expired, my only option was to mail the irons in to receive an estimate for repairs.  And to me, sounded like I was being encouraged to just purchase a new product.  They did offer me a rebate, if I decide to purchase another Rowenta iron...but I'm just not so sure I want to purchase another one from them. 

So now, I am beginning my search for a smaller travel iron once again and would love to hear from my quilter followers on what your favorite iron might be. 

Where has the time gone....

Has it really been that long since I posted last?  Apparently so.  I have been working on a few very special projects. 

Here is the quilt I made for Fletcher.  This is a pattern called Itty Bitty Babies that I found on the Moda Bakeshop website.  I just personalized it for Fletcher!

I think he likes it!  I quilted it myself on my sewing machine, just stitching in the ditch along the seam lines.  I used a double layer of poly batting that created a look of a puffy comforter.  

And then, I had to finish a quilt for another baby...this time a girl.  This one is ready to deliver!

This pattern is called Lilliana and is one of Emily's patterns over at Crazy Old Quilt Ladies.  This is a great pattern to use with a Layer Cake. The fabric line is  Lily & Will  (Moda by Bunny Hill) I love to put a soft minky back on my baby quilts.

And here is one more baby quilt I recently finished for an adorable little baby boy who was born on Halloween.

This is another of Emily's patterns (Crazy Old Ladies Quilts) called Surf Shop using her Going Coastal line of fabric.

And then...I found this awesome pattern by Little Londyn called Little Guy Ties and have made my first ties.  I used two colors of stripes from the Grinch line by Robert Kaufman.  I thought they turned out adorable and they are on their way to the little ones I made them for to enjoy through the holidays.  They were so easy to make.

I have two more quilts in the works.  One for a soldier currently away from his family on a deployment.  Getting closer to done and hoping to have it on it's way as a Christmas gift.  And one for a niece who was recently married. many ideas to make for Christmas gifts.  I'd better get back to the sewing machine!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Last Day...sniff, sniff.

No really....sniff, sniff.  I've gone from this fun Ghastlie the crud!  My nose is beginning to feel as though I've used sandpaper on it.  So, I'm going to try and rest this morning...well, with my laptop, my coffee and some cinnamon toast...I'll sit quietly and visit my Ghastlie sistah's sites.  Come with me!
I promise not to sneeze on you!
Madame Ghastlie

Don't forget to leave those comments!  Last day to win ghreat prizes!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day 9

It's Day 9!  I can't believe it.  How much fun are you having? 
Hop on over to these sites today to see their Ghastlie projects!  I just got a message from my quilt shop owner that said she has ordered current and the new Ghastlie lines~   Oh dear...Oh dear...Oh dear...I'm ghiddy with excitement!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 8

Here is the schedule for today!  What ghreat fun we are having.  Truth...I'm a bit concerned about the Ghastlie withdrawal I may experience when this is over. 
Don't forget to leave your comments for your chance to win!  There are still some ghreat prizes to me had.  Thank you to Madame Samm for all her hard work!

For those of you who sent me a message of encouragement yesterday, I thank you.  I did hear from my son, Josh, last night.  He made it safely to Iraq and has started his training with his dog.  I will post some pics as soon as he sends some.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Day 7

Are you having sew much fun?  Oh my ghoodness!  I just might have to make some of those little aprons for my dishsoap!  My Ghastlie sistah's are sew sew creative!  Poor Mrs Barb Ghastlie...she lost power during that nasty snowstorm out east...hopefully we'll get to see her ghoodies soon!  Here's the schedule for today!  Don't forget to leave comments for chances to win ghreat prizes!

I got the sweetest email from VickiT last night.  She had received the mauve Ghastlie bag that she had won from commenting on my blog.  It was just what I needed on a day that had been a bit of an emotional one for me. My son left for Iraq yesterday...any and all prayer appreciated.  He's been there twice before as a member of the US Air Force.  This time he goes employed by a private company contracted to provide K9 services.