Sunday, November 24, 2013

Galway, Ireland - IPS Western Branch -

On my recent trip to Ireland, I was lucky enough to be in Galway on the Saturday in October when the IPS-Western Branch (Irish Patchwork Society) was meeting.   The IPS was actually founded in 1981 and has 8 branches located throughout Ireland.

My friend, Cindy, from Fluffy Sheep Quilting came by our hotel and picked us up for the meeting, which was a thrill for me since she and I have been cyber friends for a few years now but had never met.  (can't believe as I look through the photos we took, and I didn't take one with her....geez! We'd better rectify that on my next visit, Cindy!)

Arriving at the meeting, I could not have felt more welcome by the Irish quilters.  So exciting as well upon my arrival was getting to meet another cyber friend, Linda, who owns a quilt shop in County Galway called Rags for Linda!  What a thrill to get to meet her in person too!

At each meeting, the local quilt shops take turns setting up a small "store" for those attending to get a little fabric therapy!  What a great idea!  I got to meet another cyber friend (I heart Facebook!), Lynn Naughton, who owns a quilt shop called Seams Sew Simple in County Roscommon.

As with most guilds, the Irish quilter's are no different in that not only is the guild meeting an opportunity to spend time with other quilters and share ideas, but also for those quilters to find a way to give to back to the community.  On this particular Saturday, a presentation was made to a local charity in Galway called COPE.  Check out these ABC quilts made for their new playroom.


 The guild also boasts a library as a resource for their members. 
It was a great morning spent with some very lovely ladies! I made several new friends and  I got to share with them a bit about myself and the quilty things that I am up to as well as share a give away of some Generation Q Magazines. (thanks, Melissa!). (stay tuned for details about my trip and spending time with Irish quilters in an upcoming issue of Gen Q) 

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