Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Finished Projects!

So excited to finally finish up two of my own projects this week! After searching awhile for a good backing for this quilt, I finally found the sweetest lavender minky with white polka dots.  It looks so great with this line of fabric called Snap Pop by Moda designer, Sandy Gervais.  The solid purple is a Kona Cotton  in the color Crocus. 
With the leftover pieces from the quilt, I had made this little string pieced gem.  Originally thinking I would use it as the center of a pieced backing for the quilt, but I had several friends who said "You can't put that on the back of a's too cute for the back".  So, instead I turned it into a great big pillow! (using a 27" pillow form)
 When I started quilting, my first plan of action was to echo the diamonds and then decide on a fill for the rest of the blocks.  After about one row of echoing diamonds, I thought maybe this big flower design would be fun.  I was so very pleased with how it looked so kept right on going.  The only problem was, as I got closer to the bottom of the quilt, I realized that I started making these big flowers in the wrong spot, which then left me with a half a block at the top and at the bottom.   No ripping though...Because of the block layout, there's a "half flower" that begins and ends each row...and now, because of my error.. there are "half flowers" all the way around the outside of the would think I had planned it that way. 
 I did some little flowers in the purple border...and recreated the flowers from the diamond blocks on a smaller scale in my four corner squares.  One of these days I need to remember to quilt inside the 1/4" mark so my bindings don't cover up my design...but gosh, I was making these happy little flowers and just got excited and kept going.  Live and learn.
 not the best photos at night...
 Both sides of this quilt make me happy!
and here they are together!