Monday, January 23, 2017

One small thing...because...LOVE.

There are those friends in life that you meet along the way that you have that instant connection just feel the love from the get go....and that would describe my friendship with Jessica Darling. If you've met her then you know...she's beautifully intense.  That girl is on fire for quilting...and a bit of a maniac...which admittedly is what I love most about her.  We've shared joys and sorrows...laughter and tears...but most of all....our hearts.  Her love has been steadfast and her experience with her own well of grief has allowed her to guide me through my own maze after my significant loss.  

She and I are all about finding hearts in, I have to admit nothing makes me laugh so much as to open a message from her on my phone and find she's sent me a random toilet paper heart with a note that says "In the bathroom...thinking of you!" I truly believe those hearts are messages from beyond...and they have become even more prevalent in my life over the past year and a half. A reminder to me that above all else.... to LOVE.  

As painful a process as grief is....there is also beauty in the journey if you open your heart enough to  allow yourself to see and feel it.  There are lessons to be learned along the way but you must be willing to feel the experience at the deepest level and that can be incredibly scary. You have to learn to love yourself as yourself and not somebody's wife, or somebody's child...or somebody's mother.   I made it through that first year relying heavily on family and friends, like Jessica, who seemed to sense when I needed them the most and reached out to remind me "we've got you."   And because somebody cared enough to take a heart is learning that it is safe for me to love again...and I will always be grateful for that.

Recently Jessica asked me if I would consider joining forces with her on a special project...releasing a pattern...with than effort to promote love by doing one small thing.  Her pattern, a heart named Penny...after me.  <cue the tears>  The plan is simple...make a block.  Make a bunch of blocks.  Use those blocks in a quilt, Swap those blocks even...but whatever you do...let them go out into the world promote LOVE. Click on the hashtag below to watch her video explanation

Here's the pattern and info you need to get started!
 3 1/2" squares and I cut my HST's 3 7/8".

10 12x22" cuts (we call em Fresh Cuts at Villa Rosa) will do the hearts and about 3 1/4 yards will do the background, OR 10 1/3 yard cuts will make a 72x90ish quilt, if I did my math right? A 4x5 grid for 20 blocks total.

I've already started on my heart blocks...thank you to the awesome and amazing Amanda Herring (The Quilted Fish) who is a fabric designer for Riley Blake for sending me some beautiful red and pink fabrics.   

So who's ready to make some heart blocks and share some LOVE?