Thursday, June 30, 2016

June 30, 1989....27 Years Ago

Another first today...... 

Twenty seven years...seems like a long time when you say it outloud...until you get there and you realize that in reality it went by in the blink of an eye.  Twenty seven years of joys and sorrows...highs and lows....for better and for worse.  Guess there's a reason that line is in the vows....  

We were never ones to make a big deal over anniversaries...maybe dinner...maybe a card.  
(confession:  I had a run of a couple of  years where I recycled the same card and he never noticed.  In my was a great card)

I wish I could say I feel like I was in less of a time warp than I was 10 months ago....but I can't.
In exactly 50 days, it will have been one year since he left and it still feels like it just happened. 

In June, I spent three weeks in Ireland...walking the now familiar places...hiking up mountains as well the along the sea...and the one thing that I kept noticing were the flowers that were blooming in the most unusual of places.  In the middle of jagged and sharp rocks and cliffs that loomed over the sea were flowers blooming.  Dangling off what appeared to be the edge of the earth...they still bloomed.

In the middle of a pile of rocks...this foxglove reached for the sun and sky...despite it's surroundings.

All along the stone fences....the flowers worked their way through the hard surfaces and still managed to bloom.

It's the message I carried home with me....even in the midst of circumstances that seem so incredibly hard and impenetrable around us...despite the surroundings that appear jagged and sharp...we can bloom.  We must....

Not needing any pity today...not looking for sympathy....just sharing my message.   

Go Bloom....