Monday, April 8, 2013

A Scarf is Born

Look at this beautiful one yard piece of Madras plaid I found this past weekend!  Somebody special in my life has a significant Birthday coming up this week...and LOVES the color I decided to whip up a scarf for her as a gift....shhhhhh, don't tell.
First thing I did was trim up the cut edges of my fabric to get them nice and even.
Then I cut the piece into two half yard cuts.
I sewed the pieces together on one short end, then folded the entire piece in half lengthwise, RST and sewed about a half inch seam.  I thought about trying to line up the plaid lines...for about thirty seconds and then thought better of that and it actually turned about pretty well.
Then turned the piece right side out and matched up the ends.  Before sewing that seam, I pinned the ends together and put the scarf around my neck to make sure of the length. (Note to self and others time use a safety pin...not a stick pin)   I thought the scarf would be too long so I cut equal amounts off of each end before continuing.  Again, with RST I matched the ends and stitched as far as I could all the way around, leaving an small opening.
Stuck a pin there to hold it together while I whip stitched the opening closed....AND....TaDA!
An Infinity Scarf is like 15 minutes!