Wednesday, January 6, 2016

A Promise Fulfilled...Through the Holidays.

I've been trying to write this blog for well over a week now and every time I sit at the computer the words...well...they just don't come.  Maybe because I think I should have something profound to write...and I just don't.  Somehow...the holidays came...and went...and we got through it....together.

December 26th....Boxing Day....St Stephen's Day.  The day we fulfilled the promise to take Don back to the top of the mountain.  There was laughter....and was emotionally challenging and due to the heavy rains from prior was physically challenging as well.

My Foley family ready to climb the mountain with me.
Flooding made for a few challenges...

Arm in arm...we made our way up the mountain.

Along the lake.

There were hearts all along the path.

I held him close...against my heart...with every step.
We decided the very spot where he stood to take this photo would be the perfect place to leave him.

As I walked away...I turned around to take one last look....and this is what I saw.

On New Year's Day we held our family Christmas.  We created a "Memory Tree" with ornaments that reminded us of Don.  Everyone shared their story...or memory.

One of the things that Don and I had done in previous years was to send money to the kids and have them find a way to bless others and share what they had done at our Christmas gathering.  This year, I included the grandkids and sent them money as well to use to bless someone less fortunate.  It was great to hear how many different ways they had found to make a difference in the lives of others.  From thanking those who had to work on Christmas by delivering cookies, to donating to the memorial scholarship....donating to a GoFundMe account....etc.  Click on the "Christmas donation" link below to hear Finn telling me about what he and his Mom did with the money.

Christmas Donation 

To those of you who sent messages of love and support over the holidays...I thank you.