Monday, November 28, 2011

Irons in the fire....

I love to iron.  Weird, you say?  I know...but I love it.  I remember as  little girl begging my Mom to let me iron.  So she started me out on my Dad's hankies.  Not to exciting to some, but I was thrilled. 

As much as I love choosing fabrics for quilts...and piecing them together....I really love ironing my work as I go.  And, I really love steam.  A neatly pressed block is quite a piece of beauty.  Adding a spritz or two of Best Press makes it even better!  (Linen Fresh is my current favorite scent) I took the plunge a year ago and purchased a Rowenta Pressure and Steam Iron to use here at home.  A bit of a pricey investment...but I am loving it. 

This is my third Rowenta purchase....the first two have really kind of been duds.  I thought when you paid more money for a product that it would be better quality and would have a longer life expectancy.  Not so.  The full size Rowenta iron I purchased leaks when I try to use it, very frustrating.  I also purchased the smaller Rowenta travel size iron to take along to quilt retreats, etc....and that one just stopped working. Plug it in and nothing happens. Neither of those irons could claim overuse syndrome.  I did contact Rowenta and was told that since the warrantys are expired, my only option was to mail the irons in to receive an estimate for repairs.  And to me, sounded like I was being encouraged to just purchase a new product.  They did offer me a rebate, if I decide to purchase another Rowenta iron...but I'm just not so sure I want to purchase another one from them. 

So now, I am beginning my search for a smaller travel iron once again and would love to hear from my quilter followers on what your favorite iron might be. 


  1. Acutally I went through sort of the same thing last year when my old cheapy B&D died. I tried about 5-6 other irons and every one of them was horrible. I ended up buying a Rowenta Pro Master and I love it. No problems at all but I am also really careful to follow all the directions. I read in many places that the cheaper Rowentas made in China are no good but the more expensive ones that are made in Germany are great. No matter what you end up getting, I hope it works well for you.

  2. I have a cordless Maytag iron, LOVE IT! I just don't like how it turns off so quickly. My neice bought a Rowenta with 400 steam holes, she loves it!
    I'm a lot like you Miss Penny, I love to press as I go. Nothing makes me more happy than a fresh pressed pieced block!

  3. I LOVE my little Clover travel iron and would buy another one in a wink if I could find one. Please let me know if you see a place to buy one.

  4. I have had several fancy rowenta's (okay 3) after 2 years they leaked... My last 2 irons were and are Oreck's. I love them.