Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Woolies Flannel!

Have you made anything yet using Woolies Flannel by Maywood Studios? I am absolutely in LOVE.    I have just finished my fourth quilt made with these luscious fabrics. They come in a wonderful assortment of colors and designs that resemble that old wool coat in your closet.  I've never been the best at doing scrappy quilts, but have had great success at being "scrappier" using these flannels.
pattern called Gingersnaps

Crazy Old Quilt Ladies pattern
this quilt went to a deployed soldier

Terry Atkinson "Snapshot" pattern in the Happy Hour book

my second Gingersnaps quilt using Woolie Flannels
(third time making the Gingersnap of my faves for a scrappy look)

trying to give you and upclose view of the fabrics

Are you noticing a pattern here....I love to add borders with interest to my quilts.  A piano key border can be a great accent on any scrappy quilt. I like to use a narrow border to separate it from the rest of the quilt. The quilt photo in the middle has borders made using the 2" Grid Stabilizer.  I lost count at how many 2" squares are in that queen size quilt...but take my word for it...there are alot! 

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  1. LOVE your quilts. i MUST get the patterns. what nice stash busters!!!!