Sunday, December 9, 2012

O Family Tree...O Family Tree

I know...that's not how the song goes.  But in our case...our Christmas tree could be aptly titled as such.  Nine feet of tree, dressed in white lights, silver beads and ribbons... and black and white photos of our family through the years.  The photos are smaller in size, framed in black mat board that we've hand cut and adorned with crystals and hung on the tree with satin ribbons.  (You expected them to be handmade, didn't you?)  Decorating a tree this size presents its challenges, but a step stool and bbq tongs makes my job so much easier.

Every year, I get emotional when I start to place the photos on the tree.  Towards the top of the tree I place the photos of our kids when they were younger.   A reminder of times past that are no more...makes me so melancholy when I think of those early days.  Next come the more recent photos of them.  Some candid, some from special events.  And then  as I move further down the tree, I start to  add the photo's of the grandkids.  Closer to the bottom so Ty, Ava, Tanner, Finnian, Taelyn and Fletcher can find themselves easier when they visit.  This year, we will add photos of baby Lucia, who we welcomed into our family last February. Each year I try to add a few more photos of each of them to show their growth.    Another reminder of how just how quickly they grow up...

I have a second tree as well.  A smaller one with ornaments that are equally as meaningful to me.  Our first year here in Iowa we had no ornaments...and no money to buy them.  So six kids and I set off to the library and found a book with patterns for a crocheted snowflake garland and another page with instructions for making a decoration from popsicle sticks and yarn called Ojo de Dios, known more commonly as God's Eye.  We spent an entire weekend taking turns with the crochet hook, creating length after length of garland.  Several skeins of Christmas yarns later, the entire tree was covered with our handmade decorations. 
Over the years there have been several comments about "remember those lame ornaments we made when we were little"...but to me...they are priceless... a precious reminder of time gone by...and they hold such a special place in my heart.   I might catch some grief for decorating the second tree with them....but perhaps one our kids reach for their child's hand... and realize that hand now belongs to a grown up...they will understand my sentiment. 
Merry Christmas, my friends....Merry Christmas


  1. OH, so pretty and so very special!!!

  2. Oh what a lovely "family tree", very special indeed.