Sunday, March 2, 2014

Cliff's of Moher

One of the most amazing places we will visit on our tour to Ireland in May is the Cliff's of Moher.  Considering we have quite a few photographers signed up to come along, I'm thinking I may have a hard time getting them back on the bus. 
Now, my first trip to the Cliff's looked a bit more like the photos below.
I was afraid to put up my umbrella for fear I'd become Mary Poppins.
Oh my it was rainy that day!  But it in no way took away from just how magical a place the cliffs are to visit.  Here's a few photos from our trip this past October when gorgeous sunshine was the weather of the day!


I'm so excited to take our tour group to the cliffs and share this amazing place with them!
 I'm also hoping for another meal at McGann's Pub...omg...the food there was out of this world good!

Makes my mouth water just thinking about it!  I had the vegetarian option which was this mushroom dish in a pastry shell.  So good!  Although the fish & chips was amazing as well!
We've got a few spots left if you'd like to join us.....

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  1. Wish I could join you. I remember that blustery day so well. What a wonderful time we had. WKD!