Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Patriotism - Second Grade Style

Before Christmas break, we spent some time again with son John's Second Grade class in Minnesota. 

It is my belief that all children need to know the value of GLITTER at an early age, so each second grader got to paint a scrolled wooden photo frame white and sprinkle it with snowy glitter before adding some  sparkly crystals as well.   While they're working on their frames, we set up a photo booth with lots of silly props, likes hats and glasses, mustaches and the like and the kids get to dress up for fun photos.  This year each child was also photographed wearing sparkly 2015 sunglasses and held a sign that read "My Future's So Bright..."

John and I had to take a turn...we had to!
You might remember that last year the kids drew special pictures on fabric for me that was then used to create a quilt for a deployed soldier, named Michael Niedzwiecki, to thank him for his military service.  It was such a great experience that we just had to do it again.
Michael with his special quilt.
When we were in early discussions about who might receive our quilt gift this year when John received an email about a currently deployed husband and wife, relatives of one of his co-workers. Both of them deployed to Iraq, but yet on two different bases several hours from each other.   We took that as a sign that they should be our recipients and got to work.  The kids, as usual, drew some fabulous patriotic pictures with the message "Thank you for your service".  Here's a few of their drawings.

Did you have any idea that second graders were so artistic?
The dilemma for me  in designing this we wanted to honor this "couple"...but knowing they weren't deployed to the same base raised the question "Which one gets the quilt?"  Unable to choose only one of them, I came up with a plan to include them both.  I actually created two quilts.  Each quilt represents a half a heart...and when put side by side creates a full heart.
The kids got to see the quilts today for the first time and they were so excited! 
As they viewed the quilt there were lots of "Oooh's and Ahhh's" as well as one "Holy Cow, that's just sic!"   (which is apparently a good thing)
The kids checking out the quilts and looking for their blocks.
Our Second grade artists!

With Mr Barnes & Me
The quilts are being boxed up and mailed out and we are all so excited for them to arrive to our adopted soldiers.  We truly are so thankful for their service and their sacrifice and will jump up and down with happiness when they can bring their quilts together as ONE HEART!!
 You can bet we'll have a follow up blog post when we hear from our soldiers!
My most favorite second grade teacher.  His love for "his kids" is so evident.
Love him!


  1. LOVE the concept of two becoming one. Great!!

  2. such a beautiful story and the quilt is so cool... you've outdone yourself! Clear to see you are a proud mama indeed!

  3. That is a brilliant idea for the 2 quilts. Love the little blocks the kids made too.