Thursday, April 30, 2015

Totally Twitterpated with This New Tool!

I spent last week at the AQS show in Paducah.  It was my first time attending that particular show and we had such a great time!  "Work" is awesome when you get to spend your time with great friends!

In between the crazy rushes of customers, I did get an opportunity to get out and check out a few other vendors and came across this new tool that I just had to bring home with me!
I own two "rotary" style cutting mats and hate them both.  One has a metal base that is glued on and not only falls off, but has a major dip in the middle, so makes cutting a challenge.  The other is a smaller one that falls apart every time I use it.   I won't mention any names of who they're made by...but lets just say they both leave a lot to be desired. K?
But look what I found at the Come Quilt With Me booth!
This rotating cutting mat is solid and made with ball bearings and spins like a charm!...There's no dip in the middle or falling apart when you spin it as with the other "not to be named" products I own.

Working on a Row by Row Experience project last night for a local shop I just had to test out my new tool!  I am 100% twitterpated!  I snapped a few pics,  and if you need to see it in action, Pat at Come Quilt With Me has a short little video on her website.

I know this tool is going to get a lot of use in my studio!

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  1. I have a rotary mat and spend more time trying to keep the thing centred biggest wast of money going grrrrrr. This one looks like it has merit and could just work everytime instead of hit and miss :)