Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Ireland - A Healing Place for Me

This week I am preparing to leave for Ireland, and to be honest, my giddiness level is currently over the moon!  I make lists and lose lists...have started packing and am taking so many prizes and giveaways I'm not sure I've got room for clothing....

Nikki Foley (The Sewing Shed) and I are launching the first ever National Quilt Week of Ireland, June 1-7, and I could not be more thrilled to be able to be there and share this week with her.  This is something we planned almost two years ago so watching it come to fruition has been amazing. Our goal was to find a way to celebrate quilting and quilters in Ireland that is happening all around the country.  As we were planning we were joined by our friend and quilter, Paula Rafferty, who has jumped right in to help us promote and plan events.  We've got lots of exciting things planned for our trip...some quilt related as well as some time to just enjoy Ireland and all it has to offer...so stay tuned for a few more blog posts.

If you know me it all, you know that it was just a few years ago that I took my first trip to Ireland and fell madly...head over heels in love.  There is something so incredibly magical and spiritual about the Emerald Isle and I love that I get to share that with all of you. 

I have written previously about a project that I was involved with a couple of years back...a Block Exchange that included a few quilters from Ireland, Canada and the U.S.  It was my first ever block swap (and actually the only one to date).  This past November I was invited to Chicago to share the story of my quilt with the wonderful Mary Fons, in a This Is My Quilt episode.  Mary and her sister, Rebecca (who got hitched this weekend...Happy Wedding Rebecca!) were amazing hosts, making me feel so comfortable and welcome from the moment I arrived.  You couldn't ask for two sweeter girls...but then...if you've met their Momma, Marianne Fons, then you know they come by it quite naturally.  I also got to meet my FB friend, Heather Kinion (aka: @fire4hairlady on IG) who helps with filming.  If you've watched Mary's "Quilty" shows then you'll be familiar with her!

This quilt has so much deep meaning for me.  Not only does it tell the story of the connection I have with Ireland, but as I say in the video, it's the first quilt of my own that  I completed on my Innova shortly after starting my own business.  To me, it represents an amazing part of my quilting journey, a reminder that stepping out of our "comfort zone" and taking chances can be a very good thing!  It's that movement from "Can I?"...to "I think I can!"....to "I know I can!"...to "I did!! "

Click the link below to watch the video "This Is My Quilt".



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