Monday, August 10, 2015

My Soldier's Angel

May to October of 2009, during my son Josh's second deployment to Iraq, we signed him up for the Soldier's Angel program.  He was "adopted" by a gal, Carol, who worked for the organization and who had adopted many soldiers.   She was diligent in her role and sent lots of letters and packages to deployed soldiers, including  Josh, who was deployed as a K9 specialist at the time and she even sent goodies for his dog.

Josh and Carol also chatted often via Facebook as well and one day he told her "I have someone you just have to meet. I think you and my Mom would be great friends."

He "introduced" her and I on Facebook and one amazing friendship began. Carol and I chatted often as well. As a mom of a deployed soldier, the fact that she was sending my soldier "love" during his deployments  touched my heart in a way that is difficult to describe.

Carol and I havesince  traveled to Ireland together on three occasions. She's been to Iowa to visit me and I've been to New Hampshire to visit her. I've even gotten her hooked on quilting and its no surprise now that she's making Quilts of Valor to present to veterans.

Funny thing is...she and Josh have never actually met...until today. I had the pleasure of surprising him with Carol's arrival.   This Momma's heart is so happy to for us to have this time to share together.