Wednesday, September 17, 2014

My Brack Tour Family

After my first trip to Ireland with a tour company that was kind of a mess, I knew when I was searching for a new company to work with that they had to meet the following criteria....

 1) They simply had to be Irish
 2) They had to follow through with the promises made to travelers
 3) They had to be Fun! 

I made so many lifelong friends on that first trip, one of which was our driver.  He is the one who said "You were made to do these tours and you need to contact Peter at Brack Tours".    So I wrote to Peter and told him what I wanted to do and literally had a reply in my inbox within the hour inviting me to lunch the next week.  Surely he'd misunderstood that my location was I-O-W-A.  As I replied how much I would love that but that we were geographically challenged, I was thrilled to discover he was traveling the Midwest and was only one state away!  We did indeed schedule lunch for that next week and I knew within the first five minutes that I had found the perfect travel company for our tours.  I get chills every time I tell that meant to be.

Peter took in everything we said about the experience that we wanted to provide to our travelers and together we put the finishing touches on a tour that allows us to give our travelers a unique Irish adventure.  From that moment on, we became a part of the Brack Tours family and it has been absolutely wonderful.

Don, Peter & I traveling in Ireland
Peter has been in the tour industry for many years and has established relationships with everyone in the industry.  Every hotel we book knew Peter and his staff by name and has great respect for the Brack Tours company.  But more importantly, he understands that providing the best Irish experience is a top priority.

I thought it would be fun to introduce you to more members of my Brack Tours family who've come to mean so very much to me.

  Maura, works here in the US processing your information when you sign up for our tour!

Maura and I at Milwaukee Irish Fest 2013
Nuala, a natural Irish redhead and all around fun gal, lives in Ireland.  
Nuala and I at Milwaukee Irish Fest 2013

This is Mary Ann, our sales director here in the US.  Mary Ann has been to Ireland 37 times.  She can answer any question anyone would ever have about traveling there! 

Mary Ann and I and Milwaukee Irish Fest 2014
And this is Sinead!  If you are signing up for my tour, you'll get to chat with her.  She has worked so hard on the details of the tour and put together another amazing adventure!
Sinead & I in Galway
Having some fun on a local Ghost Tour.
And so there you have Brack Tours family!  A great team that works hard to provide you the best Irish adventure! 
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