Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day 4!

Day 4 of the Ghastlie Blog Hop! 
And I just have to say....Thank you so much for the many wonderful comments I received on my Ghastlie post yesterday.  What a thrill!  I wish I could send every one of you a bag!  I woke up to many more comments this morning, so have decided to choose the bag winner later today, to give more of my new friends a chance to win.  Oh how I wish I could make each of you a bag!

And one of the winners of 4yds of Ghastlie fabric from Madame Samm's site commented on my page
(the other was Jackie from Mrs Karen Ghastlie's blog)

Sheri wrote:

Will the handsom Fletcher be flabberghastlied when all his fan mail comes in from this ghastlie group? Very muched enjoyed your blog I haven't tried the bag pattern yet but am putting it in my list I'm with you the Arghyle is da bomb.Congrats Gma Ghastlie! What a cute skeleton to fall out of your ghastlie closet!
(Sheri, please email me with your mailing address!)

As the hop continues, let's head on over to my Ghastlie sistah's and see what fun things they have created. 
Mrs Melinda Ghastlie

Make sure you leave them a comment on their pages so that you can be entered in today's drawing!  Look what Madame Samm has for you today!