Friday, October 28, 2011

Day 5!

Conghrats to VickiT who wrote:

"Oh my gosh!!! I don't know where to start you have SUCH ADORABLE projects. I LOVE THEM! And that little punkin' is just the icing on the cake of them all. Such a little cutie. I adore this fabric and have my fingers crossed that I might be lucky enough to win some or something super cute made from it. Your bags are awesome. "

Miss VickiT, I'll e-mail you to ghet your address so I can send you the mauve Ghastlie bag! 

Evelyn from Mrs Sharon Ghastlies  was the winner of the rulers yesterday!  How exciting for her!  I'm having sew much fun hopping around to these Ghastlie blogs.  My Ghastlie sistah's are beyond talented.  Are you leaving comments?  Surely you want to win too!

Here is today's list of Ghastlie presenters!

Miss Trudi Ghastlie
Mrs Tammy Ghastlie

I'm going to check out their blogs and then I've got to get busy....I've got a baby quilt to finish for a little lad who is due any day now. ...and last night I made a batch of homemade caramels  that need to be cut and wrapped and mailed to my 5yr old granddaughter, Ava, who requested them as a Halloween treat.  And Finn is coming...and I've got to go visit Fletcher and get some snuggles!


  1. I'm SO excited and thrilled. I've answered your email a short time ago.

    I am very impressed you made your own caramels. I've always wanted to do that and know I could since I'm a pretty good cook. I just haven't taken the time to do it. Your Granddaughter will be super excited to get those I'm sure.

  2. Congratulations VickiT. This is such a Ghastlie Ghood Time!!!

  3. Wow! Very talented! Ghastlie goodness & homemade caramels, yum!