Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Ghastlie Event!

Are you ready for some Ghastlie excitement?  It's coming!  In fact, I'm ghiddy at the thought! The Ghastlie Blog Hop Tour will start next week....54 of us silly ghirls...all smitten by The Ghastlies fabrics by Alexander Henry.  We've been keeping secrets...actually A LOT of secrets!  And starting next week, we'll be letting the Ghastlie cats out of the bag!   So let's start by heading over to visit Madame Samm's blog "Sew I Quilt"...our ghutsy Ghastlie leader.  She'll be posting the event details on Sunday night, October 23rd.  And then it's two weeks of hopping about from blog to blog.  Did I mention there will be some fabulous giveaways too!  You must sign up to be a follower to qualify to win...on my blog as well as Madame Samm!  Many of my Ghastlie sisters will have giveaways on their blogs as well.  It's going to be maghnificent!  Follow the Ghastlie button on the side of my blog....see you next week! I'm so excited...I could howl at the moon!


  1. I'm so excited. Even my husband whose first reaction when he saw the fabric was "Do you really like that? It's kinda creepy." is all excited when he sees my finished projects. lol

  2. Hi Penny!

    I am so looking forward to what everyone created. I actually thought I had too much fabric for what I wanted to do, but now I'm finding I should have gotten more. Oh Well...I like what I made. I will have to find more later. Can't wait to see what you have made. See ya Wednesday!