Tuesday, October 4, 2011

One Dozen Quilts & Quilt Expo

Last Friday...one dozen quilts were delivered to Blank Children's Hospital in Des Moines!  I am so thankful for my friends who helped contribute to this cause.  You might remember our mission was to create quilts that would be appropriate for older kids who might be receiving treatment at Blank.  We had sports themed, Superman, a few girlie options...and a couple that were definitely not gender specific...all made to a larger lap size quilt...perfect for bigger kids!  
Linda & Ann
We left Blank Hospital and headed off to Quilt Expo! What an exciting day! It's such an awesome show....so much to see. This year was no disappointment. There wasn't really any one thing I was looking for....but I did come home with a few treasures.  One of which was a book by Penny Haren. What fun to meet her and have her personally demonstrate her pieced applique technique's.  She even signed her books for us! 
Penny Haren

Another highlight for me was stopping in to see Stephanie Brandenburg.  I absolutely love her fabrics!  And she is just the sweetest person ever....with the most infectious laugh.  A few of my favorites of her designs are Fingerpaints, Urban Squares..and Urban Art.  She has some incredible botanical designs as well. 

Stephanie Brandenburg

I'm starting to feel like my "To-Do" list is a bit out of control.  I need to get busy on my Ghastlies project for an upcoming Blog Hop.  (p.s. guess who found more Ghastlie fabric at Quilt Expo...I think I might be addicted)  Be sure to stay tuned and take part...I'm hearing there will be some incredible prizes! 

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  1. Woohoo, Penny, I'm so glad you are blogging! You sure look like you are having a blast in these pictures. I'll be back for the Ghastlies bloghop. Keep in touch! Kd - www.KdQuilts.com